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A Decade and Half
c.2017 / 7’37’’/
2D animation

Twelve years of schooling is a preeminent part of our childhood and teenage lives. In retrospect, most people would become nostalgic about ‘the days’ and their precious memories.

A Decade and Half is a story about a boy's school life, and how this metaphorical journey that span across 12 years, had interwoven with his personal life and exerted a profound impact on his course of growing-up. From the joyous, worry-free early days, to the spur of puberty, the midpoint of confusion and rebellion; then to the stress, impatience, frustration and fear for uncertainty when the ending was fast-approaching, then when it eventually came, the bitter sadness, a sense of loss and nostalgia.

Created by Derrick Duan.
Original music by Daniel Cui.
Voice-over by James Coates.
Special thanks to Jason Yo.

A Decade and Half, created as part of 2017 SACE Stage 2 Visual Arts Final Folio.