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A Sensory Field
c.2020 / 14’6’’ /
Experimental performance, contemporary dance, music and projection art

A Sensory Field is a multi-disciplinary online performance that explores human sensory immersion for greater self-care.

In the making of this project, we asked each other:

When human-contact is discouraged in this pandemic, how can art evoke sensory memory to simulate positive touch and remind us of the lost human contact?

Through this experimental project, we sought to bring together contemporary dance, projection art and music, exploring the possibilities of using collaboration as a way to exchange knowledge and creating a work that is larger than the sum of its parts.

Choreography: Sarscha Lewis.
Music: Lou Wheeler.
Visual & Website: Derrick Duan, Jenn Tran.
Project management: Derrick Duan.

A Sensory Field was delivered as part of the Experimental Collaborations Initiative, University of Melbourne.
This project was generously supported by the
Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) Grant Program and UMSU Southbank.

Watch the full performance below, or via our website.