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Adam(With An Eye)
c.2019 / 5’30’’/
2D vector animation /
Dialogues in English 

Adam has embarked on an interstellar exploration, while his partner’s life continues on Earth. With the time and space between them, the lovers struggle to stay in touch, until one day she discovers something that Adam has secretly left behind.
Winter 2019, I spent a whole intensive unit learning the art and craft of stencils and emulsions. In those wet, quiet hours, only the vacuumed UV machines hummed, and I fell madly in love with screenprinting -- the organic colours and imperfect shapes. They began to breathe.
At home, I experimented with techniques to digitally recreate a screenprinted look, which eventually made its way into my 2nd year film at VCA -- a metaphorical tale of a lonesome astronaut who roams alien landscape thinking of his left-behind love.