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I’m a hybrid visual artist preoccupied with body, text, tech and spatial magik/rituals. My open-ended, intuitive practice emerges from a looming sense of skepticism towards our contemporary techno-empirical conditions.

I make work under a primary alias Derrick Duan.

As a migrant settler, I work and live on what always was and always will be the land of the Boonwurrung and Woiworung people of the Kulin nation. Indigenous sovereignty has never been ceded.
ou must enjoy the process / shame is not sustainable / we cannot be satisfied with the recognition generated by the very system that denies our ability to find each other / the act of living intentionally is a creative process in itself / you generate your own magic / y
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Maxim of the day:
1.You are what you eat
2.Time is not linear
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青qīng铜tóng器qì, or ancient Chinese ritual bronzeware, were excavated in the tombs of royalty and the nobility. But before they became grave goods, their unapologetically brutalist forms made them ideal vessels for ritual offerings of food and drink, in ceremonies to ancestors, deities or spirits.

Heavily inspired by these early bronze designs, I set out to build a life size sculpture for a performance in January. While embracing the stunning form and patterns, I made an effort to subvert the caste & imperialism alluded to by such concoctions, since they were almost only afforded by the rich and the incumbent. So I made a cradle, with the spear piercing right through the centre, acting as a third leg.

Cradles are our first beds. It served such an important role while we cried, weaned and grew. Yet we don’t remember it — a phantom of a bed that we all left behind in our psyche. This too perhaps eclipses my experience as a diasporia who was raised in a culture but lives in another. Now standing six foot tall my baby tongue still stutters. Home is only a spectrum. Memories wax and wane, give way to smog.
w/ Expanded Polyethylene Foam, Plaster and Wood
w/ Airbrushed Acrylic.

Paralusion x Luckytoothgem @ Miscellania
Performance by MaggZ
Set Design and Construction by D Duan