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:-) hi dear,
how are you doing today? 

i am doing okay.
i’m writing in the thick of our state's 6th lockdown. it’s all so quiet. time turns to gum, clouds drag on all day. no song. cacti blossom above the waterhole. where are we going next?

if you are listening - i’m glad you have found this. we’re  strange albatrosses, drifting across patches of blue and yellow. looking for what? friends. we know where to find each other. even in headwind.

the sweetness gathers under my tongue, my lashes damp. i used to be in such a hurry to get ahead. now, i spend my nights by the water, hoping to find someone here. i’ve collected so many songs over the years. i’m sure you have, too.

so send me a note. i’ll be sure to send one back. good morning & good night to you.